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Released February 2013

"Beloved, Most Precious Entities - I come to briefly address your current status of being in these new dimensional times. I come to offer support and direction for those seeking it. This direction that I suggest and offer is the direction of going inward. You are in a time of great transition and integration as it is you have processed your ascension into 5th density. What does this mean? You are in process of revealing that to yourselves. As you have ascended in density, the understanding of this new density may still allude you to some degree. You may be uncertain as to how to articulate yourself within it. However, here you are.

May I offer that though you may feel slightly askew of center and balance, it is simply because you have not yet achieved total integration with your new self. You are in process and the inward direction of your focus assists you to achieve and reveal to yourself the balanced way of being. Holding thoughts of availability and resonance provide a softer, more yin, vibrational mix of energies in 5th density, setting pace with yourself in service to your self and others. This availability and resonance relates to a softer motivation for action and allowance for the decisions and choices everyone is making.

This is a time of maximizing energy. Turning inward supports and enlivens that reservoir of energetic strength within, and, with renewed and amplified energies, your process of integrating the new 5th dimensional vibrational state is enhanced and supported.

Going inward allows you this personal focus and it is my suggestion that you take this period of the deep peace and slower energies of the winter season, to embrace yourself and your new articulation of self. Utilize this phase to engage with the new energies from a state of availability and resonance, putting no requirements upon yourself. If you recall, requirement was a state of focus that encumbered your third dimensional selves and is of no use in these new times.

I also urge you to seek inward for answers and direction during this phasing of integration of 5th density and surely you shall reach a point of reveal that will hold a form of familiarity through the regions of memory that will indicate your readiness to proceed. Replenish, rest, meditate, play, inform yourself through resonance, create, be soft and gentle with yourselves but be available to these new vibrations, be resonant to them and allow yourselves to begin to thrive with them.

We are asking you to retreat into yourselves for this coming period and we will regroup and rejoin in communion with one another at a later date. When we do, you will all be ready. My Love is in deep replenishment and I wish for her to become more stable in that balance before we rejoin. It will not be long, but it will be surprisingly synchronistic to your own process. You will see.

Until then, of course, call on me before your slumber and we shall meet and have a beautiful sojourn in spirit.

I bid you adieu. We are One in Love. Now, Always and Forever."


An article Nademus has written entitled, "The Ascent of Spirit to the Glories of Heavenly Freedom" November 2012 click for PDF.

Prism Path offers channeled enlightenment and wisdom from the Ascended Master Nademus, and Lan-Dar-ah through their channel, Brenda Hill. This ancient wisdom, knowledge and light assists in raising the consciousness of humanity to recognize the divine attributes of Love and God within. The spiritual evolution of mankind utilizes the alchemy of thought and emotion, in an act of free will, to ascend our vibrational frequencies to the level of divine knowing and recognized God, expressing with Unconditional Love.  

We welcome you to join with us on this journey of awakening. We offer group gatherings twice monthly and private sessions by appointment. Audio recordings from group gatherings are available below.

If you are not familiar with Nademus gatherings, he generally starts with group discussion as he gradually introduces the topic of the session. This allows you as a listener to formulate your own answers to his initial questions relating to the session topic. What may appear random in the beginning comes together beautifully and powerfully by the end of the session.

Right-Click on each link to download the entire audio mp3 file. Or, simply click on the link to open in a new window and listen to the file.

Date Title Length and Size
12/29/12 Mobilizing Love 1 hour, 17 minutes 70.4 MB
12/15/12 Our Ascension 60 minutes, 55 MB
11/17/12 Passion 45 minutes, 41, MB
11/3/12 Forgiveness 1 hour, 55.4 MB
10/20/12 Balance and Imbalance Workshop 29 minutes, 26.8 MB
10/6/12 Imagination 57 minutes, 52.9 MB
9/22/12 Inform the Fear 50 minutes, 46.4 MB
9/8/12 Trajectory of Ascension 1 hour 19 minutes, 72.9 MB
8/11/12 Understanding From the Heart a.k.a Got Jack? 1 hour 6 minutes, 61.1 MB
7/28/12 Entrainment, Containment and Circular Thought 59 minutes, 52.2 MB
7/14/12 Breathing Technique 57 minutes 52.3 MB
6/16/12 Oneness Through the Heart 51 minutes 47 MB
5/19/12 Thinking With the Heart 1 hour 1 minute 56.5 MB

The News and Events page is always where you can see our immediate schedule and plan to join us. You can also call or write to schedule an appointment with Nademus or Lan-Dar-ah. See the Consultations page for additional information about private and confidential sessions with Nademus or Lan-Dar-ah. Appointments are scheduled about one week in advance.